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Nouveau venu

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How To Use A Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are known to be super time-saving appliances, as they take only about one-third the time of cooking on a stove, and they are especially suited for dishes requiring a long time of cooking. The best advantage of a pressure cooker is the nutrients it keeps in your food, due to the quick cooking, which helps you avoid loss of vitamins and minerals from a hearty meal.

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How they work


With an airtight seal, pressure cookers lock the steam inside when the liquid boils, which causes a significant increase in temperature. For example, water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, but inside a pressure cooker, it can rise to 120 degrees Celsius, resulting in faster cooking.

10 steps to use a pressure cooker safely

1. Read the instructions: There are some safety features you should be aware of, including technical specifications, safe temperature, or additional notes.

2. Check your kit: Always keep your pressure cooker clean and in good working condition. Replace worn-out parts when needed, especially the rubber gasket which keeps your pressure cooker safely sealed.

3. Pre-cooking

A pressure cooker is best used for steaming and boiling, for instance liquid food, so it absolutely cannot brown your food. In order to make your food look more appealing, for example meat, you should brown it by cooking it with the usual method first before putting it in the pressure cooker. However, this step can be skipped if you are in a rush.

4. Liquid required

You cannot use a pressure cooker without adding liquid (or water) because it works based on steam which is generated from the liquid. The instructions will show the minimum or sufficient amount of liquid for different types of food.

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5. The maximum mark

The maximum mark shows the maximum amount of liquid you can put into the pressure cooker, and you had better not exceed it. Overfilling might lead to the ejection of food through the release valve, which also means you will have a hard time cleaning all the parts carefully.

6. Turn to full power

Turn your hob up to full power; the pressure cooker will start cooking when it reaches the correct pressure; this is shown in the instructions and recipes. The food might be overcooked if you take a long time heating it at the beginning; the timing would also be incorrect as suggested.

7. Time your food


Cooking times are different for different foods or different size of food. Even the sizes of ingredients will help you cook them evenly. Add items that need a longer cooking time first and then the rest. This process needs much of your care because steam must be safely released every time you try to open the lid and add more ingredients.

8. Release the pressure

Usually, there are three ways to release the pressure:

i - Allow it to release naturally by just turning off the heat and leaving it alone for 5 to 20 or more minutes, depending on your cooking time and how full your cooker is. This is the safest but slowest option.

ii - Open the pressure release valve – this might be dangerous, as hot steam will rush out, so always use oven mitts for this. This is a quick release option, but do not use this when your pressure cooker is filled up to half or more.

iii - Running the pressure cooker under cold water. This is the fastest option but only applies for stovetop pressure cookers – not electric ones. Place it in the sink, hold it at a slight angle, and run cold water over the outer edge of the lid so that it flows over the lid and down the sides. Do not let the water run directly over the vent or valve.

9. Problems with sauces thickening

Sauces can’t thicken due to the moisture retained in the pressure cooker. You can heat the pressure cooker on the stove for a while after removing the lid. Some corn starch might be very helpful at this point.

10. Clean and store it well

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Keeping your food in the pressure cooker for a long time can cause erosion or marking. The reason is that the materials of the pressure cooker are not designed for food storage.

Pressure cooker lids are not designed for the dishwasher, so wash them under a running tap with cleaning liquid. Take off the rubber gasket (lid seal) for a proper clean. Check the instructions to know if your pot is suitable for dishwashers, as some are not. The other parts don’t need regular cleaning, unless they are blocked.

Finally, dry your pressure cooker carefully with towels. Leave it out on a tea towel, rather than placing it straight in the cupboard. Put the lid upside down on the top or beside the pot.
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Bienvenue à toi par ici :)
On a tous deux vies et la seconde commence quand on se rend compte qu'on en a qu'une..

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Bienvenue par ici :)

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Re: Nouveau venu

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Bonjour et Bienvenue :)
:tripleheart: :tripleheart: :tripleheart: New York la plus belle ville du monde !! I Love NY !!!!! :hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes: :hearteyes:


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